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Justice Served

Michael Vick was released from the federal penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kansas today. He left in the early morning, and headed back to his home in Virginia, where he will serve 2 months of home confinement. He will have three years of probation ahead of him, but he will have served his hard time and will be free to return to the society that rejected him & his behavior. It seems a cut and dry case for Mr. Vick. He broke the law, was found guilty and sentenced to federal prison. His time almost done, he will be able to rebuild his life, and hopefully move past his dog fighting days, perhaps returning to glory on the gridiron.

Some of his critics seem to think that playing in the NFL is a privilege, one that Mr. Vick is no longer entitled to, and the league should not let him return. I hope that this is not the case. Mr. Vick will have paid his debt to society and should be free to pursue his athletic career, if he so desires, and he can find a team to give him a job. I think now, more than ever, we need for justice to simply work, and for those who have served their time to be given a second chance, it’s the American way.

We have a problem with justice in America. The system seems to work, from the bottom up, almost all the way to the top. We can deal with Bernie Madoff and Michael Vick, but it seems stuck when it comes to dealing with our elected leaders & the law, or lack of it. All across America, the justice system hears cases, Monday through Friday, and the courts churn out verdicts. In this system, our system, Mr. Vick found himself, a jury of his peers and 19 months of hard time in Leavenworth, Kansas. He broke the law, was plucked from his life and placed in jail.

Are we, as a society, going to do anything about this torture disaster? We did in Mr. Vicks case with dogs, but do we have the courage to prosecute those who ordered the torture of human beings? It seems the dogs of America are safe, but the dogs of war still roam wild. We have been told we cannot look back, that we must look ahead. Isn’t crime solving, essentially, looking back? When I look back, I see W, Cheney, and broken laws. Woof.


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Shallow Ken

Torture alone is so far outside the scope of my ken.

How am I supposed to put commentary here at all, let alone regularly? All the hot issues, all the news and blogging out there. I thought I wanted to do it, too, but, well — it’s not just the Presidency, anymore, that’s best described as “trying to drink from an open fire hydrant.” What with the Internet and all.

Being an informed citizen by the standards of the day takes effort. Of course, it ways has. Even if it takes more attention now, just to stay buoyant, it definitely takes much less actual effort than ever. More caffeine and fewer calories.

Good half-serious whining is one way to figure the whole big, roiling, stupid, intimate thing out. Take the time and write down some feelings. Today I downloaded a new Twitter (!) interface “app” for this iPod-brand handheld computer thing.

Going without a laptop for one month now, and I think I’m more used to the limitations. This is how it’s done now.

Open up the fire hydrant.

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