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cello-lessonThis is my ¾ cello that I was talking about. It is almost a full sized, but a quarter short. That’s kind of like you and me, kid; someday though, you will be full size too. Anyway, I got lucky and found a nice student model, sitting alone in some lady’s closet. It was made the month that I graduated from high school; the stamp inside reads: June, 1984. That was about 10 years before you where born, right? Yeah a long time, alright, sit back and listen close. These points here on the lower body, they go above the knees; like so. Let me adjust the peg to the right height. Perfect. The headpiece, here, wants to be over by your left shoulder, yeah like that. Ok, the bow, you should hold like this and it goes here, just below the fingerboard and you either push or pull it across the strings. Do you notice how the bridge is arched? That is so you can bow 1 string at a time, without having the bow touch another string. There is a time to learn double string technique, but not today. Why don’t you go ahead and bow the 3rd string; that is a G string. Place the bow here, with the edge of the hair on the string, and slowly draw the bow back. Nice! Alright, try to keep it perpendicular to the strings. Do you know what that word means? You’re a smart kid. Ok now draw it back and go ahead and push back again … back and forth. Nice! It sounds good, that is an open G. Go ahead and try them all. That’s a C, then G, then D, and A. Voila! You, my friend, have bowed your first four notes on the cello and it is not yet 10 minutes into your lesson. You are sure that this is your first time playing a cello?


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