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town hall.

bynum-store-exteriorfamily-friendly-venueNeighbors and friends, villagers and others, assembled last night for competitions of luck and skill. Down to the Bynum General Store — once hopping with old-timers and Federally-funded as a post-office, then quieted by Jerry’s retirement, now variously revived for community gatherings like this — we played Jan’s homemade Sjoelbak board, good ol’ Risk, and the German hot-shot Klaus Teuber’s Barbarossa. Can’t remember what else. Had about 20 people at three or four tables with the Sjoelbak pucks sliding and thwacking away at the back of the room. The potluck snacks were more plentiful than wholesome; that’s how it is in land of Moon Pies and RC Cola.

This morning, I strolled back down there to take some photographs. Turns out, a fellow named Billy Joe is keeping the place open during the day. He’s got some chips and sodas for sale, and says tomorrow there will be hothouse tomatoes.



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